16 inch MacBook Pro Keyboard Apology

Or, at least as close to an apology as Apple will give. After years of keyboard issues and sticking to their guns they finally went back to the scissor keys. I don’t hate the keys on my 2018 MacBook Pro, but I do find myself worrying about their reliability.

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My daughter has a 2016 MacBook Pro with the first generation butterfly keyboard. It still works without any issues - other than it is the worst typing experience since the Sinclair ZX81 (sold under license in the USA as the Timex TS1000).

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I had a MacBook in 2007 with unresponsive and/or sticky keys but it didn’t surface in the press that I was aware of until relatively recent years; I just know I hated the keyboards and thought mine was a bit of a lemon but it hadn’t gotten to the point of being unusable. But they’ve been bad and worse from day 1 of the butterfly with ultra-low profile/travel, is my point.

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