Zoom Tips (Pay it forward)

What are your best tips for a great zoom presentation?

  • Use a hardwired connection (no wifi) if at all possible.
  • Headphones are must. The anti-echo algorithm reduces sound quality
  • Use a good microphone. Good sound is more important than good video

On the assumption that you’re having an online meeting and not a social hour, I think the usual rules about good meetings are worth adapting to online. I’m sure you could google for idea, I saw this one:

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I purchased a ring-light on Amazon for approximately $40 and it makes a very big difference. Also, a pro-tip was to walk around a room in selfie mode on your phone to find the best lighting spot

This is also a MUST watch: https://twit.tv/shows/ask-the-tech-guy/episodes/61

The punchline is use cable mocha adapters to eliminate wifi issues while on Zoom.

Yes, keep them short sharp and to the point.

Don’t be afraid to mute people if they keep digressing or repeating the same points and ask them to take the digretions out of the meeting.

We try to keep our meetings to 30 minutes or max 1 hour.