Wyze expanding smart home lineup with Wyze Lock that works with your existing deadbolt

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Interesting company. Providing what so far seem to be good quality products at a hugely reduced price. Have had a Pan Cam working 24/7 for over a year, in what is called Pan mode (physically follows any movement by rotating the camera body and moving lens) for about half the time. $30. WOW.

They also seem to be fairly ethical. They added a Person Detection mode late last year, so you don’t get false alarms when your dalmation runs around in his garage home. Turns out they were using a third party AI that lives on the camera itself. This means there is no online costs to provide the feature as they don’t need a server to do the actual computations. Their agreement with the provider suddenly ended, so they had to remove the feature. They have notified customers, and promised they will finish developing their own AI to provide the feature, and, if it has to be server based, they will provide it at no cost to customers.


Yes, I read another story about the removal of that service. That’s too bad.

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