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Regarding “features” also inserted from the manufacturers, I came across a problem this week with one of our users. He has a new Dell laptop and the group policy sets the screensaver to cut in after 5 minutes, but on his, it was starting after 2 minutes - he had timed it…

I checked “everything”, registry, screen saver settings (locked by policy to 5 minutes, can’t be changed), that the group policy was applied to his PC and that it was active. Everything checked out, but the laptop still kept locking after 2 minutes.

Then, a day later, he called back and said it locked the laptop every time he answered the phone! This brought me to another idea, I knew that some laptops have presence detection, lo and behold in the Dell Optimizer, there was a setting to register if he approached or left his PC and it seems that once he picked up the phone and started to talk, it could no longer recognise his face!


I moved the family from LastPass to Bitwarden when they changed free LastPass so it only worked on one device type in 2021.

It was pretty seamless. If people are already used to retrieving a password from a vault, auto-filling the username/password fields on iOS/Android or using a browser extension, doing the same with Bitwarden is identical. CSV export/import was faultless, apart from a few formatting issues in secure notes.

So I wouldn’t assume it’s too hard to move the family over.


I moved my family over to 1Password in 2020, LP stopped working with Firefox on Android, among other annoyances. I moved my wife over myself, my son-in-law did his wife’s account and his own. Nobody had any problems.