WW 780: Call of Jury Duty

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Regarding sexual harassment at work, I was very surprised and disturbed with @MaryJo ’s remark about “that’s the way workplaces are”, I think this shows just how toxic the US employment situation is, compared to other countries.

Having lived and worked in the UK and Germany for over 40 years, I have never experienced sexual harassment in the workplace being brushed under the carpet.

Around 1991, I was working late on a project and our site manager came round and threw us all out. We were told to forget deadlines and the customer demo the next morning, he would make our excuses, we must leave NOW!

It turned out one of our senior colleagues had exposed himself to a secretary and asked her what she could do with ‘it’? She went to her manager for advice on ‘tackling this problem’. His reaction was to get us out of the building, then march the colleague to his desk to collect his personal effects and the escort him from the building, never to be seen again.

I have no idea, how he explained that to his fiancé, when he got home.

That was the only time I ever saw someone being sexually harassed or being disciplined for harassment.

I have worked for and with a lot of women and they were always treated with respect, as far as I could see.

Somebody like Kipman, regardless of how clever the was, would never have survived his first offence at any company I ever worked for. I find it incredible that such behaviour was accepted at a company like Microsoft.

I know Mary Jo wasn’t condoning it, but any woman who has worked in the US has experienced unwanted harassment of some kind or another, ranging from girly calendars on the wall to dirty jokes to overt comments. I don’t think exposing yourself was ever tolerated, but the “boy’s club” mentality was widespread and tolerated until recently.

It’s not as if we would ever elect a president who said “when you’re a star they let you do anything.” Oh wait.


I’m sure @MaryJo wasn’t condoning the harassment, it sounded like it was in air quotes, but my point was, what a difference the US employment situation is. Women have had their rights protected in law and employers, in my experience, have taken it seriously, in Europe. I’m not saying it doesn’t take place, but all the companies I worked for took infringements very seriously and anyone caught infringing would be facing serious consequences.

Although the UK seems to be going quickly down hill. After Trump was elected in the USA, the UK went “me too” in the wrong way and elected his Mini-Me. :frowning:

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It was sadly widespread where I worked in the UK in the eighties and nineties. Married management types repeatedly having affairs with junior staff, ‘banter’, girly calendars and worse.

I must have been lucky. I worked for Plessey/Hoskyns/Cap Gemini (we were merged and then sold to CG) and in the offices I worked in, girly calenders weren’t allowed and, although we had a couple greasy sales people, they weren’t overtly sexist around the women in the office and the one person who tried harassment was kicked out without notice.

It has been the same in Germany, the workforce has been generally 50/50 male-female and I’ve not witnessed any harassment.

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Did @Leo get 22H2 installed on his Dell in the end? It doesn’t seem to have hit the release preview channel for me, although insider says there is a newer build - but Windows Update sees nothing :thinking:

Also if I enable the option to unroll as soon as it formally releases, my PC reboots and immediately takes me out of the insider programme.

Perhaps the release preview channel is different for different regions.

I should have said “in my experience” that is the way many workplaces are… especially in tech. Not everyone sees sexual harassment the same way and considers the same set of behaviors as problematic. As a woman who has been in the journalism and tech workplaces for more than 30 years in the U.S., I can tell you there have been lots of winks, comments like “c’mon don’t be so sensitive” and such. I am DEFINITELY not condoning it and hope no one thought I was. I was more remarking on the way things are tolerated here by many. Thanks!


Hi @MaryJo , no, I understood your meaning, I just find it sad, how toxic the situation in the US is, compared to my experience in Europe, with the caveat that I’m a man and might miss some subtle things that women might still find offensive.

The places I’ve worked would never tolerate such behaviour.

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Every place I’ve ever worked has had in their policy issued on day “Zero Tolerance” for sexual harassment. However enforcement of the policy varies. I myself a straight cisgender white male was harrassed by an openly gay man at one employer, he was always making remarks about my body, how he wanted to do sexual things with me and on and on. This was not only done in private such as passing in the restroom but was done on the on the floor while working in the factory. Everyone knew it was going on and how uncomfortable it made me. Finally I had all I could take of it and reported it to my direct supervisor. I was told that a discussion would take place and the issue would be rectified. Nothing was said to the employee that night and harassment continued that night. The next evening I clocked in and joined our pre-shift huddle. I was asked to stand behind with one other person, They where let go for poor production numbers and I was told that I was being let go for causing a disturbance in the workplace. Apparently me reporting an issue was a disturbance for them.

I shared the above story because not all harassment is against females, and sometimes those that are victims are the ones that suffer financially here in the US. Being that every employer here is at-will employment. I’ve learned to never really devote myself to a specific job. Find something I love doing and do it because I love it, but realize that at the end of the day, they’ll replace me with someone else as soon as they find a bigger sucker than myself to do the job.


Yeah 22H2 installed and is running nicely. Frankly, I didn’t really notice any difference.

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Paul mentioned using an iPhone for his camera connected to a Windows machine. Is that why his audio/video was out of sync?

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I noticed that. Audio was ahead by quite a bit.

The timestamp is 1:18:45 where Paul mentions using the iPhone camera with Windows and Leo guesses Reincubate Camo. I’ve tried Elgato’s EpocCam and ended up with same out of sync results even when tethered so I wonder if there is any solution to using an iPhone camera with Windows?