WW 732: Black Market ISOs

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Quick thing about that AMD market share headline - the article was based on Valve’s Steam hardware survey. Not any sort of sales data, or even a press release from Intel. The hardware survey is a terrible source for this kind of data, and a very skewed sample size.

Sales data that I’ve seen shows AMD consistently outselling Intel in the consumer market by a huge margin, really only capped by manufacturing capacity.

Speaking of manufacturing capacity, can’t say how much I disagree with Paul’s suggestion that no one should be designing and manufacturing these chips. Relying on a single fab is how we got where we are now, where I can’t buy a decent GPU for less than a 100% markup and auto manufacturer assembly lines are at a crawl.

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Funny that Paul can’t take a picture of fireworks when my wife just took amazing fireworks photos on her iPhone 12 Pro.

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That and his now-weekly Intel update were both tough to listen to.

i wound never remand them wean i had a intel based MAC and needed to run Windows apps i got Windows 10 form Microsoft and win found out even under boot camp that intel mac coundn’t use the Oculus Rift I had an Windows 10 system made for it. I did ask for blu-ray burner, to rip audio cds,. MKV Video DVD and Blu-rays, and use the newer M-disk BD-R disks as part of the 321 back-up rule.

I fell the same way but I wonder if have pay for Windows 11 since I herd the only why to run it on the M1 Mac’s is to get the arm version Windows 11 an a VM app. Since it not like on the intel mac’s where if you had like Windows 7 installed under boot camp you an MAC with Windows 10 free. Otter wise you had to play like $120 for Windows lessee that usly mate buying it on USB Key or DVD. Yes Windows 10 was offered on DVD but only as an OEM option.