Wrong episode for Sunday?


I think Saturday’s audio version of the episode of The Tech Guy was uploaded into Sunday episode on the podcast feed…


Yep. Pommster responded to the posting announcement Just posted: The Tech Guy 1633 to say they were the same, and although I haven’t got to 1633 yet I can confirm it’s exactly the same duration as 1632 in my downloads, to the second. Hoping they’ll be able to fix it when they’re online and we can delete and re-download. In the meantime, Pommster said the correct version was available on YouTube, so it might be worth checking it there if you don’t want to wait - as I type it’s coming up to 2:30am on the West Coast, so it’ll be a while before the TWiT team are online.


Yep. It should be fixed, you might need to redownload it. TTG 1633 for Sunday 6 Oct 2019 - #6 by Leo


Awesome, Thank you! :pray:

Google Podcasts still pulls up Saturday’s episode. :frowning:

Might be that there isn’t a way to refresh the view in that app. I’ve been using Podcast Republic on my Android phone (very flexible but difficult to set up until you get used to it) and even though I deleted the original download it was still showing the Sunday file as exactly the same duration as Saturday. But when I told it to download the Sunday file the duration changed as it started downloading, so I guess it managed to pick up the new info. May be worth trying just once more in the Google app, in case it sees the new details like my app did.

Oh - should have said it was the Sunday file that I got on my second attempt.

Recently started using pocket casts since they became free… Before that I used podcast addict.
Also I occasionally catch Leo on the radio… Yes they even play it in Guam! (93.3)
I listen to The Tech Guy, Hamnation, and SN.

Whew! I thought it was just me experiencing deja vu or something!:call_me_hand:t2: