Wi-fi Hotspot for International Travel (Japan)

We have an upcoming trip to Japan. What WiFi hotspot or data plan have you had good luck with. Mostly major cities and train travel on the schedule.

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Google fi - had LTE the whole time I was there, 3 yrs ago

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I haven’t been back to Japan since smart phones, but I have to tell you that I love the T-Mobile international feature. I have been traveling for for about 16 months now; Ecuador, Mexico, Poland, Colombia, and Peru, and have found it to be good. I only use it for maps, texting, and VoIP calls. There are some websites that are light enough to load, but for anything heavier I use the internet in the places I am staying. I make sure to download the local maps to Google Maps when I am on a good signal. I have had problems with Google maps not wanting to do walking directions. When that happens I switch it to driving directions and be extra careful of where it is trying to send me.

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I used this hotspot in Japan in late 2018 and it was great. I had it delivered to my hotel and it was wating for me when I checked in. On my way back, I dropped it off at a mailbox at the airport.


I crossed this wifi router and people are swearing by it. It lets you connect to hotspots, including ones with a captive portal. You can even have it setup a connection through a VPN so that that you can watch and do whatever you want without worry.

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