Where is the link to the questions and answers, written out, for the shows?

I view Leo’s shows via an RSS feed. Usually there is a link in the description that takes me right to the choices for viewing the show’s “call in” content. Now it goes to the website and I haven’t been able to find a link there. Am I out of luck?

TWiT used to pay a gentleman, James DeRuvo, to manually edit a web site with info about the shows. This service was discontinued at the end of 2021, and now all there will be are machine generated (“AI”) transcripts linked from the show page itself. You can find links to the show pages here in the community, or directly from the TWiT.tv site, here: The Tech Guy | Leo Laporte Q & A Tech Podcast | TWiT

We had to close the Tech Guy web site for security and financial reasons, but as it turns out the transcripts provide a more accurate - if less attractive - record of the conversation. All the show notes are now hosted on our main twit.tv pages.

The transcripts take around 48 hours to generate but when done they’ll appear on that show’s page.

You can go to https://techguylabs.com to get to the show pages or, if you know the show number, use the standard naming convention twit.tv/ttg#### where #### is the show number, hence https://twit.tv/ttg1856 should bring you to Sunday’s show. And just above the show links there’s a link to the transcript: The Tech Guy Episode 1856 Transcript.

The transcript of the show is quite lengthy and too much for me to browse for the content of my interest. Thanks for your attention. Thanks to James for the highlights over the past years.

Oh I’m sorry to hear that. I feel they’re a more accurate record (i.e. more complete) of the show. The synopses often were incomplete. Would it help if we divided the transcripts into hours 1 2 and 3?

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We’ve lost sub-headings in episode summaries, invented as a construct for filtering and finding. A pity.
But financial imperatives and software changes demand a new regime, but new isn’t always better, unfortunately.
We’re now no longer able to find by inspection in a very long transcript and will have to think of words that suit our interest, and that will be a hit and miss process. I see less usage in your future : (
But needs must…

I can’t see that breaking up into hours would help: live voice doesn’t track time. If we glance at the progress line on the podcast, we’d have an idea, but that requires prescience and circumstance. Yes, you occasionally refer to ‘the xth hour…’ but it’s no reference hook, IMO.

Now to contribute to a caller topic… Where do I find the place for that now…?

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I was sad to hear about James’ departure, and it’s unfortunate about the site— it was a great guide to the shows.