What's your Plex Set Up?

I am using a vm with Ubuntu on a thinkpad w520. My media are in my nas and are mounted in the vm via nfs.
Nothing special but seems to be working fine.
I do not have any external users, I use it with fire TV stick, a roku and sometimes a browser.

I find convenient that twit shows are available in plex.

I am using a Rasp Pi4 for Plex Server and it uses NFS to pull shares from my HP Proliant Micro Server that also has Plex installed on it as a backup, The micro server has 4 10TB hard drives in Raid 5 of which half is dedicated to the media with 32gb of ram with a Xeon E3-1265L v2.

I just use Windows 10. I saw your other post. I could’ve used you as my docker-sherpa months ago. I tried setting up NextCloud, and that was just several levels above my paygrade. I’d get it running, but I think it wanted a different SQL. And also I don’t think it ever saw the drive I wanted it to. I’m sure there were other issues too that I couldn’t figure out trying to install other similar apps. I settled on Resilio and that’s been working fine.

What exactly is the point of docker? Is it just to reserve resources?

For me, Docker is more just containerizing/sandboxing applications from each other. Nginx is great for serving static sites, but Apache2 can do better with dynamic sites when caching is setup properly. The problem is that you need multiple VMs or bare metal units to run them both nicely (or some masterful network routing hardware and setup).

Docker lets me put a service that has dependencies that don’t play nice with the dependencies of another service without having to log in and update 5 different VMs (I used to do this). Now I just have one machine running all of my dockerized services.

Furthermore, because Docker containers are pre-built and configured, I can download load a docker and setup how it talks to the world in minutes, as well as update a dockerized app very quickly. For example, I backed up my MailCow server and updated it within 20 minutes (I have multiple multi-gig email accounts on my instance) and none of my other services were affected.


Hey guys I use don’t use Plex but imo a different option and I find a better option that allows you to watch 4K blue ray rips from movies you own and watch from in my case a Synology ds218j
I use an app on my Apple TV 4K or you can on your iPhone or iPad is an app called infuse pro and I just paid for the pro lifetime option and well worth it and this allows you to watch your media in its full glory and hdr and make the Apple box do the hard work not your nas and the layout is amazing especially on the Apple TV over the Plex layout of your media.
Anyways just wanted to post this as it’s not very well know of this route and Plex was not an option for me due to my lower end beginner nas

Oh and before I forget you can connect your Plex to the infuse app if still wanted Plex and link onto infuse


Hi @takeoffeh9999 welcome to the community!

Sounds good and if that’s working well then it sounds like its a good option for you. I used to use Kodi and other streaming clients around the house which streamed from my server similar to your NAS, but I just grew to like plex and the ability to stop something on one device and pick up where you left on another device either in or out of the house.

Plex often transcodes things which is why it gets called resource hungry. As long as the client can support the codecs then the load on the NAS is negligible. Somebody mentioned above they were running their Plex on a raspberry pi. I occasionally see audio transcoding when one of the kids watches on her chromecast but other than that its very rare.


I have it running Plex on a basic gaming PC and stream it to a couple of Rokus. Love it!


Server: Late 2015 27” iMac (16 GB RAM). Storing media on an external 4 TB portable USB HDD. I’ll need to upgrade that eventually, as I add new media regularly.

My iMac is not hard wired to my network, it’s on WiFi. But I have a mesh network, so it’s usually pretty reliable.

I primarily use Plex on my Apple TV for viewing, but I also use my Roku & iPhone at times.