What was with the BING hate in the latest episode?

This was a featured excerpt on the This Week In Tech flash briefing.
As someone that has been there for Google since the beginning, surely your panel has noted that their search results have gotten much worse over the last couple of years while Bing has gotten better? In general, now when I google something I end up with either misleading or wrong answers (usually related to electronics or programming). Bing is clearly superior in at least this area and is good enough in everything else that the results are of at least comparable quality.

Just saying “google is better and bing sucks because it sucks” is not a good way to present this. I expected some kind of example of why he felt that way. I don’t even use Google at home anymore because of how bad some of the results are.

I’m not sure what Bing you’re using, but the quality of the results have not gotten better for me. Googles results remain the gold standard. Every time I use Bing to search for something (normally by accident), I get very poor results–pages missing most of what I searched for, completely unrelated pages, pages for local stores absolutely unrelated to my search. Google, on the other hand almost always finds me what I’m looking for on the first screen and I often search for some really obscure things.

So, for my experience, Bing isn’t even an ‘also ran’, they’re a ‘not even trying’.

I don’t know what you’re searching for, but Google can only show you links to pages that already exist, it’s not like it’s making up the pages. Based on that, if there are misleading results, it’s likely they’re intended to be found in the context you’re searching for. I personally have NEVER had a bad result from Google, ever, and have nothing but useless or wrong results the few random times I have tried Bing.

Here’s two example results I just conducted to make this post:

Google first:

now Bing:

They’re kinda similar, except: Google has a wider range of “articles” from sources I recognize and trust, whereas most of the Bing ones are from sites I explicitly do not trust or use. Does anyone really still use or trust Yahoo? I sure don’t. Also, Bing has more unrelated crap being pushed (top, bottom and side), including a bunch of stuff completely irrelevant to my interests on the side. Also, it’s treating me like I live in Ottawa, and I do not live anywhere even close to Ottawa.

As far as I am concerned, Bing is just a collection of crap with a few potentially useful tidbits mixed in.


Your google search was suspiciously missing all the paid results.

Your jab at Yahoo missing from Google results is actually a fine example of it being a worse search engine. Yahoo’s news organization is second to none and most people know it. You said you trust other sites there. I see Forbes in the curated list from Google. Forbes is absolutely not known for space news, but even if it was, it has one sixth the market share that Yahoo News does. Combining both its normal and business news, you end up with the fifth most popular news organization on the planet, just behind Fox.

Try this search with both of them:
if you have sixteen candles on your cake, how old are you?
Bing will say this:

Your picture is not a Bing result, that is a Google search result. The number of “results” are the same as in my Google search (192M). Not clear what you’re implying… ? Did you show Google results that you didn’t like? They seem pretty sufficient to me… the top result being exactly what one might expect. Also note, I use Google dot CA (for Canada). I doubt that makes much difference, but I don’t want to pretend to be hiding anything.

Okay, now you’re just playing games. You changed your post after I posted my reply. You clearly have the goal of promoting Bing… perhaps you’re a paid shill for all anyone knows. Use what you want to use, but don’t pretend like Bing is popular even if it’s good enough for you.

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and google’s answer is an ad.

Everything else on the page is Quora answers about the movie.
If there is even the slightest context involved, Bing wins quite easily. I didn’t even try very hard to break google’s results.

as for the ad, I know it was a google result. It was supposed to be. It was the exact same search you did with different results.

Bing was always a disaster for non-English results and Google was about the only search engine to provide good results in languages other than English.

Around 2018 Bing got a boost and the results greatly improved, although not on a par with Google.

Since then, I’d say Google’s results have gotten worse and Bing has remained on the level it was, so that they are both very even.

That said, I tend to use DuckDuckGo these days. I did try Bing AI for a couple of weeks, but the results were so catastrophically poor, it was untrue.

I asked it for the lyrics to Mattermänken, a children’s song sung on St. Martin’s day, which we celebrate here, in my region of Germany instead of Halloween.

The song has around a dozen lines, Bing AI gave me 2 pages of gobbledygook. I did actually end up doing a Google search for the lyrics and then taught Bing AI the correct lyrics, so hopefully it now gives the right answer.

Yahoo! is a bit of a joke, when it comes to news over here, it is on a par with MSN news, i.e. something to be avoided at all costs.

And, at work, it is the site that sets off the malware alarms more than any other site, although MSN is close behind.

I usually go through NOZ for local news and FAZ, Tagesschau or similar for national and international news.

Both Google and Bung are manipulating users, so I see no reason defending any of them. They are both bad, in different ways.


I don’t get that result in Bing unless I use Edge. Totally different in Safari. You’re assuming Google has their chatbot wired up to Google Search. Frankly I don’t really want a chatty search engine.

I don’t see ads in my Google search either? I’m not using any content filters on Google Search.

I just tried it with DDG, the results are an ad for eBay and the rest all reputable news websites.

I had some inconsistent results out of Google this last week. Was searching for something very obscure: “Kingston and London Railway Company” in Safari on an iPad, got only a few results, only one relevant. Repeated the search in Bing, got a much better spread of results including several 100% relevant hits.

Later the same evening I repeated the same search in Google, this time got similar results to Bing. No difference in the searches, as they were done in different tabs I was able to use [Back] to check that I hadn’t done something strange earlier. Baffled by the variability of the Google results, although to be fair I haven’t used Bing often enough to know whether it’s 100% consistent.

Honestly it’s not even their search results. Googles navigation has gotten worse since the Waze integration. We just used it for a trip to Chicago and missed a turn because Google told us to use both left turning lanes to turn. There was one turning lane.

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One of the biggest problems with Waze, at least in the UK and Europe, is that it tends to send people down roads not designed for heavy traffic.

Where I live, we are relatively lucky, as most of the residential streets are children’s play zones, so cars can drive at a maximum of walking pace. This means that Waze, and people in general, won’t use them, unless the main road is closed and there is an official diversion.

But in many towns, thousands of cars are poured by dodgy navigation software down residential streets, making residents lives a misery and making the roads too dangerous for children to play on, yet if the council threatens to close the roads to through traffic, drivers are up in arms about it - the residents are happy again, but all the drivers used to their cut-throughs into quiet roads claim it is prejudice against them, they don’t seem to realise that their selfishness is making other people’s lives hell and they should be sticking to the main roads, or finding alternative methods of transport or travelling at different times.

I used to work a lot in other towns, and I knew, if I got to those towns for an 8 o’clock start, I’d be sitting in grid-lock for an hour, but if I set of 20 minutes earlier, I’d get into the office 30 minutes early and have hardly any traffic. I’d rather sit in the office slurping a fresh coffee for 20 minutes, rather than spending an hour in a car going at under walking pace. Often, on a Friday, when traffic was even worse - I lived on the coast, so all the city would be pouring out down the motorway to the coast, I’d take my motorbike and either filter, or I’d take an alternative route; I usually saved around 3-4 hours in the summer on the drive home!

If I was working in central London, I wouldn’t even bother trying to drive to work, I’d just drive to the station and get the park-and-ride up into the smoke.

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It’s hard to treat the subject too seriously when Satya Nadella just testified last week that Bing is not as good as Google and will never be as good as Google as long as they have 90% of searches going through them.

Maybe it is good enough for you, and that is valid. I personally switch between several engines, but I typically find that Bing surfaces a lot of content farm junk while Google gets me to sites I prefer. It’s hit or miss which will get me to a result I prefer faster on a particular search.


i am more concerned with the worse results Google’s giving. the "did you mean’ is especially bad lately. We just visited an art exhibit with a sundial titled “ecce hora”. When I first googled it, it automatically corrected my text to something else and had completely wrong results. I had to force it to search for what I wanted. You try it. Meanwhile Bing gave me the result relevant to me four down. I come across problems like this on a daily basis.

here’s another one. Use both search engines and google “Twinkly API”. Bing actually links you to official API docs on Atlassian. Google doesn’t even show the official docs at all. Google is by far much worse at anything at all related to technology. It’s basically unusable to us at our job.

Search results aside, Microsoft has a history of making weird choices with the Bing product that are entirely unfriendly to users. I liken their “news” offerings to the tabloid aisle in the supermarket.

Bing’s latest UX blunder is pretty frustrating in my experience. If you run a query, scroll down the results, and then scroll back to the top, it grabs your screen and pulls you into an interface for their LLM product with an annoying drawn-out animation. It’s quicker for me to close out the tab and start over.

All that aside, I do have Bing set as my default on all my devices. I pay for my Xbox GamePass with Bing points :+1:.

You have to know what you’re doing with a search engine and “real words” that mean a product too. As you seemingly noted with your post above, you put the phrase in quotes for clarity. Try that with your searches too. I tried it with Google and got the following results:

About 421 results (0.33 seconds) 

Twinkly christmas lights integration - Home Automation
openHAB Community
https://community.openhab.org › twinkly-christmas-li...
Dec 2, 2018 — ... twinkly API could be found here:https://xled-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ It's for a different implementation of a twinkly python ...

Twinkly api
... Twinkly API.Configuration To add the Twinkly integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button: Twinkly can be auto-discovered by Home Assistant.

cosmicChild1987/twinkly-api: A nodeJS client for ...
https://github.com › cosmicChild1987 › twinkly-api
Twinkly API. Description. This is a simple client helper to enable simple interactions with Twinkly smart lights https://www.twinkly.com ...

twinkly-api - npm Package Health Analysis
https://snyk.io › Advisor › JavaScript packages
twinkly-api. v0.2.1. A simple nodejs client for connecting to twinkly lights For more information about how to use this package see README.

twinkly-api CDN by jsDelivr - A CDN for npm and GitHub
https://www.jsdelivr.com › package › npm › twinkly-api
A free, fast, and reliable CDN for twinkly-api. A simple nodejs client for connecting to twinkly lights.

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First result. “Ecce Hora” | Been There, Seen That

You said you typed on mobile… are you sure autocorrect didn’t change it before it went to Google? Works on my phone…

I think everyone here has given plenty of evidence at this point that any qualms about quality are pretty subjective and a matter of degrees.

I know @thurrott talks a lot about how bad Google is, but can you imagine a world where Microsoft had the same amount of search traffic flowing through them as Google currently does? I feel like it would be objectively way worse. Google promotes its own products way less than Microsoft does, IMHO. I absolutely can’t search for news on Bing for example, because it gives me some man-in-the-middle link for MSN.