What does the Twit Icon mean?

It looks like a bug or a mushroom.

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Well, if you’re at all familiar with digital design, you might recognize it looking a bit like a 90 degree turned gate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logic_synthesis I think that played a part in the design. It also kinda reminds me of a transistor https://www.circuitspedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Transistor.jpg .

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Kinda looks like a 2 lead LED to me.

Archived on the TWiT Wiki and I believe some of the oldest Security Now programs is confirmation that the logo is a modified AND gate.

Correct - it’s an And Gate turned sideways with an eye…


I always like to think the TWiT icon is Rob, the Nintendo Robot :smiley:



It looks like a turtle to me…

It looks like a round headed robotic pirate…Arrr

a hedgehog with red eyes :grin:

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I never saw that before and now I can’t stop seeing it. LOL

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same … when I first saw it I was blown out of my mind

Side view of a Ladybug :stuck_out_tongue: