Shrinking twit forums icon

I have an icon added to my home screen for Everything works fine as it always has done but I’ve noticed that every day the twit icon gets smaller and smaller with the white border getting wider.

It’s now so small that it’s hardly recognisable. I’m wondering if anyone else is having similar.

I’m running on a Pixel 5, Android 13.

Here’s how my shortcut icon looks now.

Android 13 has a feature to mess with icons. Maybe check for any settings you might tweak.

Yeah I’ve messed around with the material you icons so I suspect that it’s probably something to do with that. It’s just weird how it’s got smaller and smaller.

We’re not doing anything on our end. But the forums are hosted by Discourse - it’s possible they’ve changed the software somehow.

I removed it and added the icon again and it’s back to full size. Weird, I’ll see if it happens again…

It would be weird if that’s a feature…? Like it’s showing you some information based on the size? LOL

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Day 2: The shrinkage has begun :man_shrugging:

This seems to describe the same issue with other Discourse forums. The last post suggests it’s a Chrome bug?

Good find @Jamze , that looks like what I am experiencing - thanks.

Interestingly I’ve got the pwa’s installed for two other discourse forums but they are both unaffected.

Weird. Maybe it’s the version of Chrome that created the PWA icon, and the bug has recently been introduced?

The other ones have started shrinking today too, they are just less noticeable because it’s a square icon rather than round. So it’s definitely not a TWiT problem.

I’ll just ignore them from now on.

LOL, but be careful, before they shrink to the point of becoming a single pixel… the last stop before they open up a singularity :wink: