Very annoying keyboard problem

Has anyone run into this? On my Pixel 3XL, when I want to edit an Instagram post, the keyboard covers what I’m editing. I’ve had to resort to using a floating keyboard so I can move it out of the way. This shouldn’t have to be a solution. Most suggestions I found on the web mentioned settings that don’t exist on this phone. Things like going into display and doing something with lock/hide home screen or tapping some dot or square in a corner. I think it’s a bug in Instagram that testers and insiders didn’t catch. It doesn’t matter if I rebooted or uninstalled IG either. The problem remained when I installed it again. Switching to a different launcher didn’t change anything either.
Anyone got a solution?

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I haven’t experienced this with the device/app combination that you have, but I’ve certainly had situations where certain UI elements are obstructed. I’ll typically just muddle through. I see it as a tradeoff of using a mobile device :man_shrugging: