iOS keyboard hides input box

On the mobile, it the text is a bit long, the keyboard will hide text after about 3 lines and I can’t see what I’m typing. This is an example.

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I feel like this is more of an iOS issue than an interface issue, but if you swipe up on the text box you’re typing in, it should move to fill the screen and you’ll be able to see again.

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I tried … it budges up for a split second and then shifts back to the original place hiding the text.

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It looks like you’re on an iPhone SE, maybe? I’m curious, have you tried with a third party keyboard to see if they behave better? For instance, Fleksy allows you to set the size to smaller than the default iOS keyboard, and if you tap and hold on their multi-purpose button, one of the options is to hide the keyboard manually, as if you had left the text input area.

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I’m on an iPhone 7. Bottom line…it doesn’t work properly.

What iOS version are you on? I’m not seeing this issue on iOS 13.1.2.

The latest. It happens when a new topic is created. I can’t scroll up within the text box. The text in the text box goes up for a moment and then comes back down. I have to do this several times and then eventually the entire page scrolls up. So, I guess the trick here is the scroll the entire page by pushing the headers of the message up, not the text in the text box.

The “deceiving” part is that when you type text and it goes behind the keyboard, it makes you want to scroll the text in the text box up, not the entire page.

Sorry @tokyotony Is this in the Discourse app or Safari?

In Safari on iOS.

Is there a Discourse app that I can use rather than Safari to access these discussion forums?

Yep. Discourse hub. Use

It’s pretty much the web site in a window.

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We recently improved this area and now use the visual view port api.

This lead means we can easily calculate heights. You still get a few extra pixels on discourse hub, but even Safari should work a bit better provided you have updated to iOS 13 which provides the new APIs.

Ancient iPhones though are bit trickier cause some of them can not even be updated to 13.


Welcome @sam.saffron - nice to have a Discourse team member here. Love the software and it’s rocking the community. Thanks!


Thanks Leo, love the shows, I listen to FLOSS weekly regularly! If you have any Discourse specific questions feel free to @mention me!


@sam.saffron Just another bug you might want to be aware of. When I tried to add another forum to the Discourse app I get an error message which is fine, but the keyboard covers up the okay button and I can’t do anything from here. I have to force quit the app.

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Thanks for letting me know, we will get this sorted.