Vacation Photos from Leo

I’ll stick some photos here as far as I can. I’m also blogging at Edited fancy pictures will emerge eventually at



Hey Leo my friend, Very Nice Fancy Photos
I’m happy you and Lisa are having a fun Time
I Love The Pictures From Greece
Your Using Your Sony A7 or A9 ?
Enjoy the Rest of Your Visit in Greece :greece:

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Very cool photos. Place looks amazing. Thanks for showing us

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You look so happy, @Leo. Laughing at @Lisa and her cats. Did you know there’s a legitimate but offensive word for those bundle of sticks? There’s even a subreddit for them. I won’t post it here.

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Nice photos Leo. Enjoy the holiday.

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Enjoyed the photos. And enjoy you shows.

Very cool photos!!!

This one is really nifty but my eye for details has me curious what sort of thing the “power line” looking thing running down the left side is?

That’s a crane. The Acropolis is under constant restoration. The story goes in the 17th century the Venetians blew it up by lobbing mortars from a nearby hill. The Acropolis was being used as an ammo dump and the thing exploded spectacularly.

Ever since bits and pieces of the temples and monuments have been found in the surrounding areas. Once they’re dragged up to the top they’re cataloged and archaeologists attempt to reassemble the original masterpieces. Well at least the bits not stolen by the Brits.


That sky :heart_eyes:
Beautiful photos. Are we allowed to use them as screen savers? I want one for my MacBook

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Use them as you wish. I’m honored.


Leo you may already know this but I heard you and Chris talking about taking sunset photos. Instead of just going there at sunset and guessing where you want to set up use Google Earth Pro to see exactly where you want to set up by using the ground level 3D view…navigate to where you want to shoot from and then go to the sun icon and scrub the times and you can see where the sun will be relative to where you are shooting from. No time wasted! Have a great vacay!


I guess I should have been more clear when I said left… I mean left of the main buildings.


It looks like it’s supported by posts at intervals. I expect it’s too steep to be a railing, so maybe it’s a hose for draining something.

Now really want to know the story about that bundle of sticks :thinking::smiley:

I’m presuming you mean this picture? Pretty sure they’re cinnamon sticks.

That market. #meat :heart_eyes:

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A Deep Fusion hello from the Suez Canal!


Bottom picture with a lonely boat has nice composition. Is it cropped.

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Looks like a full 12-megapixel (4032x3024) iPhone image :+1:t2:

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