Use old laptop batteries to make car batteries - which show?

HELP!!! Sam talked about using old laptop batteries to make car batteries. Which show was that. I want to send the link to a friend.

MANY Thanks

It was on Tech News Weekly


THANKS so much - I emailed the transportation lead for the MD Sierra Club and also an officer of the Electric Vehicle Assoc of Greater Washington - to urge them to watch this part of the show. It was great to get such a quick response from the TWIT Community. I listen to so many shows -some live but many via Google podcasts - it is hard to remember what I heard when. I am used to seeing Sam on Ask the Tech Guys but also thought he may have been on This Week in Tech. I forgot that he had been on Tech News today - and such a great show that was with the segment on Tesla cameras too and more! Leo’s hosts for all the shows are really keeping up the quality of shows during his absence.