Upcoming hurricane

Not sure how many Gulf Coast members we have on the forum, but I hope everyone has no issues with this upcoming hurricane… Wherever it ends up hitting!

I MIGHT be in the path, but who knows. It keeps changing. We were supposed to get that last tropical depression, but then it changed course.

Anyway, everyone stay safe if you are in the area.


Heads down, stock up on beer - stay safe

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You all probably already have this bookmarked, but I find it pretty well done for a government website.

This is the one I am watching these days:

Good luck, hope it misses ya. I suppose technically I’m in the path up here in PA, but not really.

Side note, the 53rd weather recon squad of the AF reserve (aka hurricane hunters) started posting time lapse videos of their flights this season. The aviation nerd in me think it’s super cool:

Thankfully, my area has been spared. But the Lake Charles region in Louisiana looks pretty horrible from photos I have seen

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prayers for those affected. Glad to hear you were spared @Mistershipwreck

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