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This was a fantastic idea propelled by the likes of 4 unique hosts and the live streaming capabilities of the studio.

There are many video games nowadays that are truly multiplayer and fun for casual play. I had no idea TWiT could show us how interesting and modern this could be in a public forum.

There were several laugh out loud parts where Leo played along with the AR filter while the hosts challenged themselves on the game content. Ant Pruitt and Mikah Sargent showing us again their hidden talents and hosting capabilities. Jason, whom often works in the background as well as a host, shows us his personality and charm.

This only gets better when each host starts on an unfamiliar game and asked to play through without guidance. Will they complete the challenges in the time allotted? Can they guess all of the clues?

For those of us who are normally home after a long work week, this is a refreshing change to the channel content and what we would normally watch as viewers.

As a viewer, I would enjoy seeing this every week with new games and social dynamics. Maybe a guest host or two.


Just as long as nobody does the random face replacements again. That is nightmare fuel.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Who would ever do that @philodygmn?? :rofl: