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Regarding the discussion about OpenAI asking about using Scarlett Johansson’s voice and ‘why they did that’. Taking a decidedly Jeff Jarvis point of view here in that, I truly think these guys believe “Who would be opposed to us?? We’re going to save the world with AI!” and they didn’t even think that maybe she wouldn’t want them to use her likeness/voice in their product.

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I also found it astonishing that they used the “any news is good news” argument. This seems to be totally misreading the room at the moment. With the view that AI taking away jobs, especially in the creative industry and information gathering, it seems like a really bad move to then “steal” someone’s actual voice… (Even if it is just figuratively & it is somebody else who sounds like Scralett Johansson.)

Typical silicon valley groupthink. “We’re doing the right thing!!” :roll_eyes:

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