TWIT 876: Elon and L. Ron

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As usual, Amy Webb elevates the conversation in so many wonderful and incredible ways. David Spark was good too, but I would have liked more embracing by both Leo and David of Amy’s various premises (like, for example, talking about where we see the world in 10 years if things don’t change; or asking what it is about Scandanavia where they have less problems with extremism than we do).

I forget who said it, I believe there’s a saying about the thinking that got us into a problem won’t be the thinking that gets us out of it. We as a people (and the tech analyst/tech journalist community specifically for purposes of this discussion) need to embrace this discussion. Otherwise - it’s just the same hand wringing and gnashing of teeth about what to do.

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I can only agree, Amy and David made a great panel this week.

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