TWIT 794: Pulmonary Gold Disease

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Great start into the show! :slight_smile: Of course, it’s all techno panic and behold the first amendment at the start, but… woah - I’ve been jeffyfied.

Kidding aside: I like the spirit of the panel that still assumes some sort of agency over social media by organised society. We can do this! :slight_smile:

Edit from later in the show after originally posting: wow, this is the show that keeps on giving! A nuanced discussion on 230 that’s not discussed in terms of abolishment or enshrining - but developing. It’s excellent that they’ve come around looking at that regulation not from the tech industry and companies perspective, but that of the users and, in a broader sense, society. Hooray!


It’s dismal to witness sponsor-dependent tech punditry circle the drain of corporate profit as the obvious culprit in the info-culture wars rending democracy to shreds. Leo has the decency to say out-right that social media company platforms are “outrage engines”, but IMO fails to proffer the solution which is entirely private and not-for-profit “social media” sublimated into more robust, decentralized, and anonymous communications channels. The currently pressing role of tech media, IMO, is to discredit commercial speech engines, but it is because of the journalism industry’s residual dependence on sponsors that it will never allow contempt for corporate interests to set its tone of discourse. It’s also the case that most audience members for the industry’s output will have no idea what to make of such a solution, either, but that’s the true, urgent mission of tech journalism now, IMO, in order to avert or lessen the impact of a psycho-social hurricane fueled by VC hot-air and misguided, over-simplified, dogmatic tech triumphalism by which a valence of digerati are inveigled into serving as its hand-maidens.

All of you are of the opinion that the DOJ going after Google is politically motivated but to my knowledge, it is the Democrats that are pushing the case against big tech. Also, it baffles me why they are going after Google instead of Amazon, Facebook or possibly even Apple. I think they have stronger cases against at least 2 of them.

So you’re saying that Democrats are not politicians??

Yes but they certainly are not aligned with Barr or Trump.

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I’m not sure what your point is, but I’m very impressed with this sequence of words.

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I’ve yet to understand why the tech companies are being singled out. Aren’t the majority of industries under the control of a monopoly in today’s world? Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Banks, everything from eyeglasses to mattresses.

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@Leo The golden arm thing on Quibi…that show was supposed to be regional horror stories. I remember being told a version of the Golden Arm story by my 1st grade music teacher (in Michigan, in the 80s). Which is where Sam Raimi is from, so it was pretty awesome for me to see that!