TWIT 808: Shorting the Turnips

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Either everyone on this episode has no idea what’s going on or… Why didn’t you talk about the short interest? That’s the reason all this is going on. How do you get to 140%? There’s no pyramid scheme! Nobody on this episode did their research into r/wallstreetbets or what’s actually going on.

Seems like Leo set the narrative and everyone just followed along, as what usually happens on TWIT.

They did discuss the short positions and that the those that shorted are in deep doo-doo. And they did discuss what was going on in r/wallstreetbets.

TWiG went into even more detail on Wednesday.


I’m hoping the long discussion on the Game Stop kind of got it out of Leo’s system. Otherwise, I’m gonna have to take a bit of a break. The last time a business story took over the first 1/2 hour or more of every podcast was Apple vs Fortnight. It’s one of the hazards of listening to nearly every TWIT shows.

This probably interests many listeners, but I’ve now heard it on TWIG, The Tech Guy, and TWIT. It’s a bit “Groundhog Day” now.

Yeah, that’s the risk of listening to multiple shows. Heaven help you if you weren’t interested in M1 Apple Macs; I think that was a topic on every single show I listened to that week.


What might you have liked them to cover in more detail?

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Great twit.

Fantastic choice on the panel. :+1:


The mob is a real concern. That’s what cancel culture is.

As to the stock market these guys could cause a collapse. They wouldn’t be the main or only reason of course. It’s being propped up by the federal reserve for a while now. The market shouldn’t be hitting record highs during the pandemic. It’s clearly a bubble. The part the panel missed though is that’s it’s not just the hedge funds that will be hurt. There are a lot of retirement plans that have their money with these hedge fund companies. So while Reddit may be sticking it to the fat cats they might be damaging the retirement of the teachers and other mostly government employees. Personally, I think short selling should be illegal. Betting for someone’s demise is wrong in my book.

As for the big tech companies and the algorithm I wish there was a way to turn it off. I follow the people I want to hear from. If I don’t follow them then I don’t want to see it.

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