TWIT 807: The Shuffle Button for Food

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It was very nice of Senator Sanders to take time from his busy schedule to fly to Petaluma during the pandemic and join the discussion.


Just a note on Flash that evidently the Chinese railroad didn’t research - if you read the flash admin guide it tells you how you can create or edit a config file that will a) keep the browser from uninstalling flash and b) allow flash to run at certain URLs, which can include a whole TLD. So in theory flash can still hum along. Within an intranet perhaps not so risky?

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There is a lot of discussion and blame on Parler here and other tech places. Why no discussion or blame for Facebook and Twitter
Here’s some links:

Talk about mis-hearing. I was feeling really bad for Louise at one point, when she said that her Mom went AWOL. Poor kid, I thought, that must have been tough. Ha, no… she went AOL…

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