TWIG 612: Waymo Confused

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this was a very good discussion about how we are atomized as products by data collection, how we are targeted by value labeling and data extraction, to bend our will to market influence, and we are indeed reduced to the most wretched of commodities…


Given what Kevin Marks was warning about with unchecked AI growing in ability, these few quotes gave me chills

The Firebase development platform is also getting several new features, and none is more impressive than the new Personalization element of Remote Config. Personalization will use Android’s on-device machine learning capabilities to automatically deliver the best remote configuration of an app to users based on need. All Firebase developers need to do is provide different configuration options and Personalization will monitor app users and tailor different aspects of those configuration options to suit what it thinks will improve engagement.


Of all the announcements during the developer keynote, the largest one came last: Google is launching a new managed machine learning platform called Vertex AI. The new platform can reportedly train machine learning models without user datasets, lets devs test models in its online console, and provides metrics to show what models are relying on to make predictions in order to improve transparency.


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