TWIG 594: Chastity Does Not Come Cheap

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@Leo Standing ovations and slow clapping for 27:27 ! :slight_smile: :apple: :orange_circle:

It’s impressive how Jeff seemingly does not approve of “old media” at all, loves “social media” and Guttenberg with a vengeance and still works as journalism professor. It seems like steampunk journalism to me. I am not sure if I ever heard him talk favourably about any kind of news institution - only the effects of distributed and in many cases amateur reporting. Really quite the feat to get into such a traditional position with as anti-traditional and -institutional thoughts. (added paragraph after liked)

What happened at 1:02:12 ? In the podcast I am hearing via pocketcasts, there’s an unintroduced ad for another podcast, “into the zone”. No complaint, but beautifully odd. Like a misprint of a stamp. :slight_smile: