TWIG 554: Space Force!

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I really think, given that the TV series is trolling the real Space Force, that maybe it would have been funnier if this episode were entitled Space Farce :slight_smile:


Why does @JeffJarvis go all “moral panic” for daring to suggest that Zoom should be avoided as a security nightmare?

It has exploitable zero-days on macOS and Windows, there is another zero-day on the lobby/waiting room, so people shouldn’t use that, it stores meeting videos for all to see, that has nothing to do with users not following the recommendations for locking down access to the meetings themselves. It is a security disaster at the moment and is best avoided. That isn’t moral panic, that isn’t picking on the new whipping boy, that is common sense.

For individuals, talking to the family, it might be okay, but for businesses and educational establishments, it should, rightly, be ringing all the alarm bells at the moment. The CEO has already admitted that they dropped the security ball and they will spend the next 90 days addressing the products security, to make it safe to use… That is the Zoom CEO talking.

I would take his “advice” and come back in 90 days and see if it is then secure enough to be used in ernest.


Please forgive my ignorance, but I don’t understand why your LastPass Advertisement, is only focused on Enterprises. Is there no Time to talk about its other features and use cases (secure notes, Multi-Platform Bookmark Service, deep Integration in iOS etc.) that makes it more attractive for normal user? iPad Mom’s don’t go the LastPass website and read about all the features. They watch Video. At least here in the Alps :blush:

They have had LastPass private user ads in the past.

The advertiser decides which audience they want to reach. I’d guess in this case, they have decided to specifically target enterprise customers. They probably have figures that show that more enterprise customers sign up (or for higher amounts) through an advert on TWIG than private customers. Therefore they give TWiT the blurb for the enterprise version and pay for an enterprise advert.


Got it. Maybe one of this little TWIT short videos with all the Information?
I’m tired to explain it over and over again whenever I recommend LP. And an official Company Ad video is not the same.
Besides Companies are closed now and a fair amount will never come back. Private user won’t go away (however a lot will get broke).

Will the Killer Feature in the next Google/Apple Smartphone be a " “digital thermometer”? :open_mouth:
Maybe they can make a deal with the Government “You get Temperature data for letting us have encryption”.

I had expected the NextStrain URL to make it to the show notes, but I didn’t see it, so I mentioned it here.

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@JeffJarvis, have you seen any of the recent interviews with Minnesota Senator Dr Scott Jensen?

@gigastacey was 100% correct when she tried to correct @Leo that it’s specific services from businesses on the internet that are broken, NOT the internet itself. All my bandwidth measurements from the various ISPs I use (home, mobile, work) have been 100% normal. AFAICT the one and only problem is from businesses that have insufficient server and/or bandwidth availability for the vastly higher demand they are now experiencing.