TTG 1849 for Saturday 4 December 2021

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The Tech Guy Labs page for this episode: Episode 1849 | The Tech Guy

Where did the show notes go for this episode? Don’t see a link.

Looks like The Tech Guy Labs web page has been set up to redirect to the website.

Is this a new change @Leo?

Yes, this was announced this weekend. The TGL website required a major overhaul so it was decided to just merge with the site.

Yeah we couldn’t afford to update Drupal on two sites. So we’re moving TechGuyLabs to The URL will redirect. It should go to

We’re going to put all the mentioned links there along with a full transcript of the show with time codes. Also audio and video links to the show. I think it will be just as useful.

Will the timestamps for questions on the show ever be published in the same format as techguylabs was? I usually listen to the intro and skip around but now it’s difficult to find the questions even with the transcripts. The links to the questions were helpful also.

so where are the show notes? I have been looking all over

Are you asking about a current show (in 2022) or older shows? I don’t know if the old data from the old shows is still available now that the old Tech Guy Labs site is gone. New shows (starting in 2022) will have the notes on the show page, which may go live before the transcript is added (but it should eventually show up.) You can find the show pages starting here:

@Leo, is there any plan to save the old content somewhere, or is it gone for good?

Am I missing something? I can’t find any show notes or time stamps so it’s really difficult to find caller questions without browsing through the transcripts.

Probably not. What is on offer has changed, and not everyone may agree it’s for the better, yourself included.

Thanks, I didn’t think it would become harder to parse through the episodes because I don’t have the time to listen to the entire episode. At least the topics and questions are listed, so I can skip through the episode to find it. It just was much easier before with a direct link to that part of the show with the timestamp.

It’s on the punch list to make a dead version of the old site. But I don’t think anyone is doing anything about it.

Of course all the old shows have a page at - but the show notes were not migrated. We’d need interns for that and we pretty much run on a minimum crew these days.