TTG 1756 for Sunday 20 December 2020

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@Leo, right after the show ended, you were talking with Professor Laura :slight_smile: about the song she was just playing, “Is Going to Be a Good Year,” from The Who’s Tommy. And you were singing it briefly, and it made me think of a really cool promo TWiT could do. I don’t imagine TWiT needs promo ideas, but this is in my head, so I just have to share it. What if it could go viral! :smiley:

Have all your hosts and at least some staff, including @Lisa, and including you, sing a little bit of the song, each a different part. Maybe have them do that while they’re doing various things around the house or whatever? And dub it in later? For those who don’t sing, maybe they play an instrument? (@ant_pruitt has said he’s played sax…) Then it gets cut all together to make the promo. In my head, it looks awesome. :smiley:

Would there be a copyright issue?

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No one wants me singing, for sure. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I do miss my horn, though

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You can rent one and be a star. :smiley:

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interesting call about system starting up slower and slower. I’m surprised you didn’t try to sell the caller spinrite.