Tom Brady, demigod

I have no insight into American football. But as far as I can tell, it’s a team sport, right?

Why is every single news site I visit highlighting Tom Brady as the, THE winner of the most recent match? Does a quarterback really make that much of a singular difference? Or is it just the public being in love with plain old heroism? Maybe it’s that specific sport’s culture?

I feel like the second fiddle in the Brady bunch wondering why it’s always about Marcia.

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He’s very old for the sport (being 43 while many others would retire in their 30’s), and yet has a winning record. The quarterback is basically the team captain, so gets much of the glory the entire team would more rightly deserve.


Seven Super Bowl victories is so far beyond what anyone has ever accomplished that it’s hard to imagine it will ever be matched.

We call Brady a G.O.A.T. - greatest of all time. Another Maradona or Pele.


Gotcha guys: it’s really the man, the achievement, and the occasion. Interesting to witness. Thank you for filling me in!