TNW 110: Now Composed by AI

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When you watch the show on YouTube Jason Howell is kinda blurry / jumpy when they are both in the picture. Close-ups are fine. Maybe its just the lightning or me being sensitive to motion sickness. However, bringing Mika to the team was a great idea. He’s not only photogenic but also very likable and asking good questions about products, companies in every show.

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Regarding Amazons AI Keyboard.
I bet the last group of potential customers Amazon had in mind are (semi)professional musicians.
The larger group are home producer, singer, guitarist, who can now concentrate on singing, playing, and get a quick and easy result without the need to compose all other parts of a song. Or cooperate with other musicians. If you watch what kind of “music” software came out this year and the years before on the Desktop and iOS you noticed the amount of apps that make “simple and quick Music”. Now i can already hear the screams on reddit/i-have-an-apple-laptop-and-protools-now-im-a-producer-god “but the music is awe full, those are not real musicians and the production quality is lousy”. My answer is: WHO CARES. Suddenly not your average tik tak or instaqualm follower…


Super interesting interview w/ Caroline!

I live in a small, tight-knit neighborhood and a few weeks ago there was a mid 20-something dude that didn’t live here walking around our neighborhood. He was seen by a few people for a few consecutive days, and then I saw him kinda hanging around our mail room sort of just looking at houses. The group chat obviously jumped right on it.

Everyone was SO mean and suspicious. They immediate labeled this dude a “prowler”. Our neighborhood is kind of like a big park and its so much nicer than the neighborhood that we are sort of inside, so I can def see why people would like to walk around here. Personally, I don’t mind, although there is a “no trespassing” sign at the entrance.

Anyway, if this dude wants to walk around, who cares? Maybe he is lonley or needs exercise? Sure, he probably shouldn’t be near the mailroom but he hasn’t actually done anything. In fact he waved at me once. But he was immediately labelled a “prowler” and people were talking about calling the police and saying he is suspicious. I chimed in and was like “Does anyone know where this guy lives? Has anyone tried TALKING TO HIM!? What if he is mentally challenged or something?”

One of our more outgoing neighbors followed him back to his house one day and introduced himself. Turns out he is Schizophrenic and because we live in Guam and have terrible health care here, his family couldn’t afford the meds or treatments he needed and he just likes to take walks. Our neighbor suggested his dad come with him next time or at least show him where is appropriate to walk and stuff. Actually a few days later he ended up getting institutionalized (nothing violent or anything), but I’m sure he will be back as we don’t really have any facilities for that kind of disorder here.

Anyway, long story even longer…the sort of fear-based mob mentality talked about in the interview is very real and not very much fun. We are supposed to be a COMMUNITY. We are supposed to help and love one another, not judge, shun, call the police (who will only make things worse), and label people we don’t even know, ignorant of their own personal struggles.

Great interview Caroline, and @JasonHowell & @mikahsargent.


I hear ya about being hospitable. However, if someone that does’t live in the neighborhood shows up a lot… Walks to your neighborhood and thru it… And then “hangs around the mail room” and then starts “looking at houses”. I would be suspicious too. Granted, I have been someone who has worked in the criminal justice field 28 years. But man, it would be crazy to ignore that and just assume there were nothing bad was happening… I’m not saying harass the man. But be suspicious? Yes indeed.

But, I have also caught a few crimes in progress over the years, that have nothing to do with my job. Just been observant and called it in when I saw it - a couple in my own neighborhood just as I happened to be driving through. I notice everything - and quite often I see things that do not look right.

In the end, there seems to be no nefarious intent here in your story, apparently. But it could have just as easily went the other way. To say “mob mentality” for anyone who was suspicious is not really fair.

I probably would have followed the guy one day too, to see what else I could find out. But it would be irresponsible to not keep your radar up under the circumstances that you described.

If someone is too scared to follow the guy - NOTHING wrong with calling the police, describing his behavior, and let one of THEM come ask him what he is doing either…

I have a bad back. I HAVE and do walk around areas I do not live in. I don’t start examining houses closely or hang around someone else’s mail room, though… If I did, I would expect someone to call the police on me…

Just my opinion…

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Yeah I dunno dude. In my experience calling the police would only make that situation worse. They’d roll down here like we have Osama Bin Laden running around.

Yes you’re right, his behavior was a little suspicious but there are 10 different ways to deal with his situation other than stirring up fear in a neighborhood chat. When I say they immediately jumped to “prowler” I mean it was immediate.

I’m happy to live in a neighborhood where we all are looking out for each other and are vigilant and aware. However I’d rather ask questions first, have a conversation, then call the cops.

Edit:. Sorry if I wasn’t clear either. He was not “examining” people’s houses. This is exactly the conclusion that the neighborhood chat jumped to, he was not looking in people’s windows. He was standing in the street staring blankly up at the homes. This is what indicated to me he had something wrong with him.


Caroline a highly respected Tech writer used the term “Footage” numerous times in her report. This underscores how hard it is for us to let go of outdated terminology. I can see a scenario where the term “Footage” could come up in a court of law ant the res ponder would not be guilty of lying of saying they have no footage, when in fact they have hours of digital recordings. Judges can be ignorant too.