The US President [apparently] threatens to violate the first ammendment

Wrong, there would have to have been enough fraud favoring Republicans to overcome the number of Democratic votes favoring them in the states the Dems lost

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I’ll be interested to hear Jeff’s view on this in TWiG this week…

You said “Proven by who” - as if there is no problem. Calling me biased, and me having to give examples. I showed you examples to prove there is a problem. The implication of all that IS there in your post. If anyone reads all your posts on this forum, that is the conclusion many people would take away. Whether that is your intent to convey that or not. The fact that you don’t even acknowledge the problem speaks volumes. Like somebody or me or the president or others are making up this issue.

It’s obvious that even if I spent a week and listed 1000 examples, you would still make it sound like it doesn’t matter.

Just because Trump won doesn’t mean there was no fraud. It means he overcame the fraud and won despite it

And, voter fraud is NOT a Republican or Democrat issue. I said so above, at least once (if not more). EVERYONE should have a problem with that.

You are a smart guy, how can you not see this is a problem?

Can anyone make a good-faith argument that the far-right has not benefited tremendously from the laissez faire attitude of Facebook and Twitter, let alone argue that social media platforms have silenced those voices? I see them every day in my Facebook and Twitter feeds- and those are the algorithmic feeds. Within my community-based groups it is even more apparent.

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I have talked about that more than once on this very forum. I previously gave details, but my posts got flagged by people who do not share my political point of view. Then the whole thread got deleted eventually. I have an opinion on that too. But, I’m not gonna start that conversation again.

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It is very easy to build a mountain of facts on top of a fundamentally unsound foundation.

If you really want to know and want proof and examples, you could probably find articles on the subject within 5 minutes online on your own.

That’s all I’m going to say on that matter. I’m not going to spend a lot of time typing out a long post and have it get deleted again.

Plus, no one here is going to change their mind anyway. I think we can all agree on that.

That’s a hoot. Twitter and Facebook have done more for the President than even Fox News. Here’s Zeynep Tufekci from The Atlantic:

There are already widespread news reports of how Trump is trying to “punish” Twitter or Facebook. In reality, the former has given him an unfettered megaphone with no friction for years—only recently adding an extra click to one of his tweets—and the latter surely welcomes the millions his campaign will spend on the forthcoming election. Facebook is also likely to continue algorithmically amplifying divisive, polarizing, or dubious content. Again and again, people tend to underestimate this president, whose grammar and punctuation may leave something to be desired but whose political instincts are keen. What else can you call his ability—in the middle of this summer of pandemic and as a major American city erupts in anger against yet another police killing—to have so many newspapers, analysts, and nongovernmental organizations spend so much time doing close readings of an executive order to assess its legality, coherence, or potential for becoming a law, as if any of that matters an iota. In the meantime, Trump remains focused on the only thing that matters: keeping Facebook in line until November 3, 2020.

I know I know, anyone who doesn’t uncritically worship Dear Leader is a liberal wingnut, but in my opinion (and yes, it’s just my opinion) Tufekci has nailed it.

And, of course, the distractions have continued with the President now invoking the slavery-era Insurrection Act of 1807 to suggest the US military should enter the fray, something even conservatives George W. Bush and his former Chairman of JCS, Mike Mullen think is a terrible idea.


Well, The Atlantic is a known left leaning magazine. So… And, imagine the impact he could have if big tech did not punish people who do not lean left (I could give dozens of examples if I wanted to go back and find them again).

But, in all fairness, there was another thread just a couple of weeks ago where I politely typed several long posts on this very topic. And, you removed several posts, and then the entire thread.

I am not going to redo all of that again after it was removed. Other members here even said they did not understand why this was happening. So we will just agree to disagree whole heartedly.

Plus, it won’t matter anyway. No one here will change their mind. The time I put into the post above (looking up vagrant examples of voter fraud) seems like a giant waste of time because examples given are never enough for some.

Your posts in the other thread were flagged by the community not deleted by me. Upon review I decided that rather than pick sides I would delete the discussion entirely. It had pretty much devolved into a slap fest from @big_D’s original, and quite interesting, question about whether American politics was anything other than centrist.

As for email voting, I’d agree with you, mail-in ballots are more prone to fraud. But with a pandemic threatening to kill many more Americans it seems only right to explore that option before November 3. We’ve never used mail-in ballots at scale, so we’ve never tried to make sure it’s done fairly and securely. I think that’s very possible, and would be a necessary safeguard.


Well, after my past posts were flagged, you restored 1/2, but not all of them. I did message you directly about the matter.

But, you have since edited your post with more details after i posted mine, so I am just removing what I wrote originally. It is not wise to disagree with the top guy.

I will end with the fact that you acknowledge that mail in ballots are ripe for voter fraud… That illustrates my point that Twitter was biased when they flagged Trump’s post about mail-in ballot fraud. They claimed he was lying. Myself and countless others (on Twitter) have given tons of examples to show that it does happen with regularity.

Twitter has NOT acknowledged their error, and they won’t with the guy they put in charge of such matters. That is what I have been saying all along on this thread. He was telling the truth, and Twitter did not.

If that is not obvious, then people could give a million examples and it would still not matter or be enough for some.

In the end, we will agree to disagree, I guess. We are just doing circles now.

I think this is going to me my last post on this topic and my last interaction with you @Mistershipwreck. I feel like you’re primed for a fight no matter what I say or how I say it, or how long I consider my words before writing anything. It’s made me feel that it’s become a waste of my time.

I said that I thought you MAY be biased. That was me questioning who you trust to provide your “proof” of things happening. We probably wouldn’t agree on who to trust for these sorts of things, because I wouldn’t trust ANY reporting from Fox, or a number of other conservative targeted sources.

Anyway, let’s leave this waste of time discussion to die on the vine. I have more important things to do than spar with someone who already has drunk the koolaide.

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That’s fine. I’m finished talking about it too. I have given numerous examples to prove my point throughout this thread. I haven’t seen the same in return.

It is just not enough for some, and no amount of examples will be enough (even concrete, exact examples with names and cities). I just keep getting denials with no facts… I give details, and it’s never enough… To most here, I am wrong, and it’s easier to ignore the facts that you yourself seemed to ask me to produce.

I’m not spinning my wheels and wasting my time on the matter any longer.

As for the kool aid - that’s how I feel about you as well. So, we can agree to disagree, as I stated before.

I don’t understand why so many people get their feeling hurt or take it personally when someone disagrees with them (not meant toward anyone specific). I see things I disagree with all the time and I decide if its worth my energy to say something or not, but if I do say something I’m not going to take someone disagreeing with it personally. In this day and age I believe most people have made up their mind for 1 reason or another and anything that I or most anyone else has to say is not going to change that. The point of intelligent conversation is to point out things that possibly could have been missed or misunderstood by someone else or to get someone elses perspective on a situation to hopefully understand it better and maneuver your judgement based on those things. Intelligent conversation or debate cannot be had when someone is to narrow minded to see someone elses point of view so there fore there is no reason to have the conversation. Just my 2 cents.

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All Military forces are trained to contain large populations in times of war. It will happen here in the U.S. when the economy goes bust. Cities will be contained to prevent city dwellers from getting out and damaging resources such as food crops. This is reality people, Anarchy will be the future, and we all know where that goes. This country is being torn apart by political - One Up’s Manship - Just be ready.

Are you baiting us? I guess.

For the record, as retired military, I will say your statement is untrue. Very few US military people or organizations have any training in “containing populations” which I take to mean controlling/suppressing crowds. (To wit: look at Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein.) The Pentagon and US military leadership have no interest in being used within the USA as a policing force. Where do you get that “information.”

I do tend to agree with your last sentence though.


I’m not Baiting in any form. I’m looking at the history of communist and Fascist governments. This country is heading in one of those directions. Democratic Socialism, or Republican Fascism. Neither Party seems to respect the U.S. Constitution very much. And who controls the military, grunts will follow orders as given, as they are trained to take orders, not think for themselves. Our service members are the best human being in this country for protecting this Nation, I do not fault them. I put the fault on the leaders of this country. And the Money that Buys their loyalty.