The Photo Thread: Week of 2023-04-23

An update on the daylilies. I started with 30. I think the surface mold (that you can see in one of the photos) was responsible for 5 of the littlest ones not making it. I now have 25 that seem to be doing well. I believe the brown leaves you see is normal, it’s the oldest growth dying off so new leaves can flourish (much like humans shed dead skin cells.) They’re waiting until Victoria Day (approximately May 24) for planting outside, as that is usual planting time here (when you can be certain any chance of frost has passed.)

(The photos were taken with my Pixel 6 Pro, sent through Signal, and copied off from there. Other than some minor cropping and the resize for posting (When posting online I always resize so the largest dimension is 800, or occasionally 1000).)

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