The Photo Thread: Week of 2022-11-13

…aaaaand another week has passed.

The last leafs are colouring…

… and Landsberg is looking pretty.

Sun dial …

… and aerial reconnaissance trails.


Landsberg is a lovely little town. It was my Verwaltungsstadt, when I lived in Bavaria. The weir across the river at the head of the town is lovely.

I took my wife there a couple of years back, her first visit to Bavaria, we stayed in the small village I had lived in and visited Landsberg am Lech, went paddling in the river just below the weir with the dog.

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First measurable snow of the season :snowflake:


It really is! :slight_smile: Glad you have fond memories of it. One of the newer reasons I like doing excursions there is that they have a new bakery that just serves some of the most amazing bread: unendlich.BROT . Nuts and seeds and dried fruit and fresh and chunky crust and plenty of other-than-wheat-flours galore! HA! I just found out they also have a store in Munich.

Just check out the video and try not getting hungry:

It might show that I did not have any breakfast. :slight_smile:

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We eat mainly spelt (Dinkel) bread these days. My wife bakes most of it, although if time is tight, we’ll buy a full corn bread from the local bakers.

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Autumnal mood

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Been a long time since I have posted any photos here. Been a long time since I’ve made a photo. In October I spent a week at a cabin in northern MN with the main purpose being to get over my photographers-block. The first few days’ weather was great. Then it turned cold, rainy and snowy. Which was okay because then I could spend time processing the photos I took the first few days. I explored the four-million-acre Superior National Forest and fringes of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Fall colors were just past prime but still very nice. I really wanted to get some shots of a moose, but never saw one. This photo was made within the first hour of my outing and it ended up being one of my favorites of the whole week.


Wow, that’s an awesome shot! Thanks for sharing it! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much .

:notes:Blackbird singing in the dead of night…:notes:

…or noon.

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This is stunning! Well done.

I went for a photo walk earlier today and I decided to experiment with a black and white edit.