The Photo Thread: Week of 2022-06-26

New week new thread…

Some photos from the garden

Grilled at the weekend



Basking in the sunset at a nearby national park


How lovely! What is in the basket with the blueberries? Some kind of little grape?

They are a type of gooseberry. We also have orange raspberries over the back, with the blackberries, but they aren’t ripe yet.

The grapes are coming on well, as well, this year. But we gave up on the Kiwi, after 10 years, it had still failed to bloom and grow fruit.

The carrots and onions in olive oil on the grill worked out really well, as did the mushroom, peppers and aubergine.

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one more for this week. loved the light here


Death Valley National Park - Canon EOS R5 RF 28-70mm f/2.0 L USM


The first of July is Canada Day. Went down to the waterfront for the fireworks display. On the way down, saw a great blue heron fishing for supper. This is a bit cropped, but is otherwise direct from the Pixel 6 Pro. I needed to use some software zoom to get a reasonable pic. For the firework, the camera automatically went into night mode, which is a multi-sampling mode, so thus the trails of the firework. Again the pic is direct out of the phone and just resized for online posting.


Edit: what got me on this picture, was, I just looked up, saw the moment and took it. Putting the tree at the side was the only conscious decision, but it was the clouds that make the image, for me. There is the vanishing line right through the middle of them, to the horizon. I just happened to be in the right position to that they lined up.


Absolutely stunning. The lighting in the first and last one are exceptional. I really like the dried salt rings (?), wonderful pattern.

Thank you, the rings are " Salt Polygons" :slightly_smiling_face: