Talking about YouTube

I wasn’t really sure where to post this, but Since YouTube is a Google property I figured it was a good place to start.

I am involved in a campaign to get a scam artist off of YouTube, or at least warn potential victims.

I can see all the comments I have made on this person’s videos, but no one else in our group can see mine. I don’t see theirs. We have shared screen shots with each other and it is the same for us all.

YouTube is making this guy look as if the world loves him, though he has scammed hundreds of people out of their lifesavings with his videos.

Is there any way to get the word out to the YouTube audience?

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I see the ad daily they are changing their terms of service. I hear on the radio talk shows how youtube is deleting peoples stuff daily. YouTube might be free but don’t expect to express free speech - its a gubernment propaganda mind control device.

If this person is legitimately scamming people, you can try getting your group to submit a complaint to the FBI’s IC3 -

While there won’t be a direct reply to you, if enough victims submit complaints then they’ll start to build a file on the person and trigger an investigation. In very rare occurrences, they may take immediate action if funds scammed from the victim are still in transit.

YouTube is notoriously weak in this department. They take a very hands-off approach unless you’re a significant source of ad revenue (movie/music studios).


Honest but maybe oblivious question: how does one scam people on YouTube?

I will answer you in a private message.

Thank you very much. I have passed your advice on to our group. Hopefully action will be taken.