Some manufacturers care

Interestingly, AVM this last week rolled out the latest version of their router operating system for their Fritz!Box range. Included in the devices that get the update is the ever popular 7490. This 10 year old device is still in use in such numbers, that AVM ensured a version of their Fritz!OS was released for this old model as well.

Version 7.51, the current laboratory (experimentatal) release, is available only for the 7490, which was their high-end router 10 years ago. The release includes improved VPN throughput on the 7490 using the Fritz!VPN IPSec VPN, which is now also IPv6 compliant and for WireGuard. Throughput was measured at 20mbps up from 5mbps on the previous version. Those aren’t record-breaking speeds, but for the age of the device, still an impressive improvement. (In general the tests showed a 70% improvement of the Fritz!VPN and the WireGuard managed to get to 50mbps down, 42mbps up.)

I found this very interesting, considering how many manufacturers simply abandon their hardware after a few years, regardless of how widely they are used.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t do anything to improve the performance of the GUI, the old, 0.5Ghz processor means that it is a little on the slow side - it lacks the Schwuppdizität, as they say in German.

(Original German report)