Snowflake vs AWS Redshift

I hear a lot of buzz about Snowflake…anyone have a sense for why it is better than AWS Redshift?

Snowflake Data Warehouse is around as fast, and cheaper, than Redshift. I can try and find the benchmark I saw recently, but Snowflake held up against the competition (1billion rows per min). (redshift was the most tuneable and performed the best) Since Snowflake is more efficient in queries, it costs lower per node-hour. It was like 1/3rd the price. Plus, another huge advantage of Snowflake is that every workload can be executed against it’s own separate virtual compute cluster. Than, each virtual warehouse can be individually resized to fit the workload and budget available. Presto is the cheapest out of the lot, but it definitely does not have the best performance. To me, Snowflake has a good balance.
However, Redshift is the most tuneable, so there is that as well.
@swaybelly, We should get them on TWiET to talk perf and features. It might be cool to get them to talk differences too.