SN 946: CitrixBleed

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For what it’s worth, I’ve had IPv6 enabled for awhile on my home server. 99% of the public places I go to won’t connect unless I give it an IPv4 address.

Steve’s right, IPv6-only is probably decades away.

It’s the ISP’s that are the slow point. Which is weird, because they’re also the ones who would benefit the most from a better availability of address space. Mobile phone ISPs seem to have addressed IPv6 and the phone OSes and apps all seem to generally work. Those ISPs are running a 6to4 gateway to make the entire IP space available to all customers.

Do you have IPv6 from your ISP? If you don’t then you’re not going to go anywhere because no one would be routing your packets. There are 4to6 and 6to4 services out there, where you can tunnel your packets, kind of like a VPN, and they’ll forward them on.

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The two big ISPs in my city are AT&T (who won’t run fiber to my house no matter how much I beg them) and Spectrum. Both fully support IPv6.

The issue is that IPv6 is disabled by default on most routers.

Yes, my ISP has just rolled out gigabit fibre to the house in my area - I have a shiny new Fritz!Box fibre router, but they only provide IPv4 addresses. But they are a smaller ISP and seem to have more addresses than customers.

Interesting, they advertise 1 gigabit (I took 300/50, as it cost the same as the old 50/16 connection and I don’t need full gigabit, which was over 100€ a month), I’m currently getting 308 down and 79.2 up, more than I’m actually paying for - a speedtest just showed over 200mbps down and 82mbps up, I think that is probably the deep packet inspection on the firewall throttling the connection, I might have to look at that) and the router is connected at 2.5/1.25, so 1gbps only a marketing limit, by the look of it.