SN 936: When Heuristics Backfire

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Regarding the email forwarding services, which I do use, I agree with all comments about relying too much on them in case they cease operations.

I thought this through for a while, and only proceeded due to one reason. I use a custom domain that I own with the forwarding service.
This way in the event of problems with the forwarding service I can enable the domain’s provider email catchall and forwarding.

I’m not a security expert, just a listener.

Honestly if any email provider disappears you’re in a world of hurt. No password recovery, for example.

I think you’re safe with our sponsor, Fastmail, Gmail,, for sure. The rest, who knows.

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No, no. Not email provider/host.
Rather, an email forwarding (aliasing) service such as SimpleLogin, which is what I use.