SN 796: Amazon Sidewalk

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If the powers that be are opposed to DOH then ODOH will be even less welcomed.

It is not just the powers that be, I run my own DNS server, it goes to Quad9 for a filtered DNS list over DNS over TLS with DNSSEC, my DNS server then applies a blacklist of 2.5 million tracking sites and known malware & phishing sites (including all of Facebook, some 2,500 domains at last count).

I don’t want my browser (or apps) bypassing that blacklist!

Honestly… I’m not sure I really understand what problem ODOH is trying to solve. If anyone sees your IP address connecting to a proxy and then you connecting to, let’s say PornHub, then your ISP will know that’s the IP address you just looked up.
We had proxy servers already so, really, I don’t even see what has been invented here

You can’t really tell a lot with just an IP address these days.

Many sites are contacted through the same IP address, it is the text address that is in the header that determines where you are sent - as the authorities have found out to their chagrin on several occasions.

The UK once blocked an IP address that was used for distributing illegal pornography. Unfortunately, the IP address was also used to host about 6,000 other websites, including several schools, sports clubs, private blogs and a fair few businesses. Suddenly they were all offline.

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Also knowing you watched some porn on PornHub is hella different from knowing you watched (trying to be funny, sensational and yet not offend) “Bugs Bunny and Tasmanian Devil Sex Dungeon” porn. :wink:

I’ve also thought of another use for Amazon Sidewalk besides the ability to find your dog. Being visually impaired means that I can’t scan my surrounding very well, and my sight isn’t good in low light, so the ability to have beacons everywhere which can tell me how to get to somewhere I know when I’m in an unfamiliar location would be really helpful. I do share peoples’ concerns about privacy but, for me, having tools which can help me is worth sacrificing a tiny bit of privacy…

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I liked Steve’s overview of Sidewalk. All the headlines made it seem like your bandwidth was shared with the world, but it is not. I was worried that my Firestick may be involved with this, but it is only the doorbells and lights that use it.

I try not to click on sensational sounding headlines since most of the time they are just garbage click-bait. No reason to reward shoddy writing.

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I agree. His walkthrough was very good.

I’m still uneasy about letting “strangers” through my network - it is all tunnelled, but if there is a security hole in the hub that goes from LORA to Amazon, then that device could be exploited to gain access to the local network. I think I’d still use a separate guest or IoT network for such devices.

I knew the bandwidth used was low and capped, that wasn’t my problem with it. It was having “strange” devices going through my network, beyond my control that was the worrying bit, the security, not “stealing bandwidth”.