SN 788: Well Known URI's

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@Leo the situation in Europe is exactly what the news story suggest, regarding Wi-Fi. The law is not aimed at ISPs, they already have much tougher legilsation. The EU directive, put into French law as quoted in Steve’s story, says that if you are offering Wi-Fi to someone without putting a passphrase on the netword, you are liable for everything that occurs on that network, unless you have a log of who was on the network at what time.

It looks like the French went a step further, but Germany has a similar law, which is why there was no open Wi-Fi for a long time in most places. If you offer Wi-Fi, you need to ensure you keep a track of who was using it.

In Germany, a family was charged with uploading and distributing a large number of music files in the late 2000s. They had not uploaded any music, but they had failed to apply basic security to their network, allowing anyone who was passing to attach (attach, not log on), to their network and use it without logging. They were therefore held responsible for the “damage” done to their network, because they had been acting as an ISP in the instance, without following the law.