Setting up a Zoom network

My daughter needs input on what she needs to set up a “Zoom” network for her Director of nursing position in the home health care field.

I’m really in over my head here. I am assuming she will need a Windows machine with appropriate software. She then needs to be able to show Medicare/Medicaid the video recording of class/training sessions to be in full compliance. Power Point capability is also Important.

She would like advise on a machine (Huge screen not necessary) software, and storage requirements. The nurses she will be conferencing with range in tech ability from novice to slightly above novice.

Thoughts and advise will be greatly appreciated. I left the Windows world in 2011 so I really are at a disadvantage in helping her. Of course there is the possibility the Apple environment would be best. I am really out of my element there.

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I take it that’s the video conferencing system? Looks like you have browser plugins for Chrome, Safari etc. The meeting organiser provides a meeting number and everyone else “dials” in on their browser and the meeting host can share their screen etc. Similar to GoToMeeting etc.

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Yeah if it’s just then it’s a cross platform screen sharing / audio video conferencing service not specifically for windows. You can join from all of the main devices / browsers and it just gives you a way to present to people remotely over the internet as @Pommster described

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I’d advise she reads all their support documentation and talk to their support team.
Make a list of what she needs and expects and give them a call.


Doesn’t her company have an IT department she can consult?


Was about to ask this very question. I feel like we’re spawning a Shadow IT instance in a healthcare institution here…

No, Very small firm. Medicare is the one pushing for the implementation of Zoom as a proof of training for nurse Associates…

I think how you set up depends on what tier you are on with the product, but I assume that the basic method is to sign up for an account on the web site, which will give you the ability to set meetings which invitees can join using the meeting ID, regardless of whether the attendee has an account or not. The meeting invite, for other systems and I assume this is similar, usually consists of an email with a link to the meeting. If software or a plug-in is required then the invitee is directed to install.

I would suggest signing up for a free account and giving it a try.

Thanks, I relayed your comments which she appreciates and pledges to follow your advise. Getting our feet will certainly cost some bucks. I’m guessing about $7 for a starter system. Biggest obstacle is getting the owners to cough up the funds.

Listen tell them that’s the cost of doing business in the health field.

Remember she doesn’t need to use Zoom and I understand this is for compliance probably HIPAA.
The only requirement is that the user’s are trained and that it’s documented.

There are third party companies that help with this too.