Rumour: AMD Gen 3 ThreadRippers announced 2019-Nov-07

Edit: The problem with rumours is they’re not guaranteed. Apparently the date has changed to the 7th (from the 5th).

We already know the lowest end TR is supposed to be 24 cores. So if the 3960x is 24, does that mean the 3970x will be 32 and the 3990x will be 64? :open_mouth: I am very anxious to learn more.


I’m waiting for the Zen 2 based APUs.

The PS5 and XBox next come out for Xmas next year tease

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Also, is this not what the Ryzen 3 3200G and Ryzen 5 3400G are?

No, those are still based on the Zen+ architecture

The first Ryles APUs, the 2xxx series were based on the first Zen architecture. It’s a bit confusing the way AMD has numbered the pats as the 2xxx CPUs were Zen+

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Gosh they make it difficult for people to follow.


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So they did finally announce some details

I found this bit about the 3950X was a bit bleak in a way, but they’re talking 1 percent single core performance (clock speed) and not overall performance (because there are 4 more cores and 8 more threads):

And no mention of the pricing/availability of the big boy 64 core 3990X.