Question from long ago! Interviewing for our family history

Hi all, I’m fairly certain this was a (brief) topic on TWiT many years back and the idea has stuck with me but the name of the project escapes me. There was discussion around a site/project that helps people interview their parents, grandparents, family etc. I believe it provides prompts and guides on how to conduct comfortable interviews to capture as much information as you can about our family histories etc. Anyone remember this? Some googling around and I found but that name doesn’t ring a bell (though it could very well be it!).

Any input or thoughts are always appreciated and welcome!


Were you thinking of Story Corps, by any chance? If you check out their web site (click on the “participate” link) there are references/links to resources that would help get things started.


I think that might be it!

If anyone else has done something like this (interviewed family/friends for historical purposes) and used a certain site or prompt, any experience or information you have would be appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time to reply @rmquist!

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