ProtonMail "forced" to provide IP address, leading to arrest

Because ProtonMail is based in Switzerland, it is not subject to French or EU requests. But the company is still subject to requests from Swiss courts, where French police where able to lodge their request with the help of Europol. After Swiss courts approved the order, ProtonMail began logging IP information on the account, which was subsequently handed over to French police, leading to the activist’s identification and arrest.

They used to sort of “brag” about being Swiss and not being required to bend to these sorts of tactics. One presumes that foreign governments have found some sort of end run… no doubt claiming they’re investigating hot button things like “terrorism” or “CSAM”.

So does this mean now people are going to be advised to VPN into their Proton Mail?

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That’s disappointing to read, although at least it was something they actively had to enable rather than us discovering that they had been logging all along.

Yep @cousinofjah , just don’t use ProtonVPN !

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People who need their communications to be secure from targeted investigations by governments should probably be using TOR anyway.