Product Placement in Apple TV+ (Morning Show)

Last night, I started watching the (free) first episode of Morning Show on Apple TV+. It didn’t hold my interest but maybe I’ll give it another shot.

The thing I wanted to point out, though: crazy, shameless product placement. Of course, everybody has the latest iPhone. And much of the plot in this first episode revolves around people getting calls on their iPhones. I spotted one Apple Watch (I probably missed others).

I know Apple isn’t going to have characters using Android phones, but the “in-your-face” product placement made me roll my eyes and took me out of the story.

This is coming from an Apple fan who owns & users many Apple products, including iPhone, Watch, and Apple TV.


Hadn’t thought about it, but this will become v. annoying if they stick to it. Guess this is what happens if a manufacturer launches a TV service? Just watched the first minute of Morning Show, slow pan of an Apple Desktop, iPhone X or 11 rings in the dark and so on…

Product placement is everywhere, Netflix too, as well as old fashioned cable, AND News channels in the form of Native Ads.

True. But when it’s subtle, it’s effective. When it’s front & center in nearly every scene (as it seems to be in Morning Show) it affects the entertainment value.

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Oh, jeeez, I hadn’t thought of that. I’m waiting to hear what others think about Apple TV Plus. I’m an Apple user also but this …