Popular chat app ToTok is reportedly secret United Arab Emirates spying tool

Anyone use this app? I am not into most of these types of apps, but I am not a teenager or someone in my 20. I know other similar programs from China have been discussed before…

I occasionally use Facebook Messenger. Otherwise, just texts…

read about it this morning, headline made me think it was a typo for TikTok. Never heard of this one before though, none of my friends have either. Seems pretty regional from what I’ve read. Mostly aimed at UAE citizens.

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Yes I auto corrected the ‘typo’ in my head at 1st too. The danger of only reading the headline!

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I’ve heard of ToTalk, but not ToTok. Quickly asked my extrovert friends and doesn’t look like it was really used amongst those crowds.

I have a nagging suspicion it was targeted to UAE as well.

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You guys are right. I was thinking it was the same thing. But now that you point it out…

I am just not surprised. I wouldn’t be surprised if every government had one. I doubt they would be successful in getting enough to use them, but each probably has at least one.

A good reason for federation and decentralization.