Beer rating app reveals homes and identities of spies and military

Do you use this @MaryJo ?

Yes, I do use Untappd. And I know it shares locations. If you’re someone who doesn’t want that out there, you should avoid it. Especially if you are a spy :blush: Sometimes I wait to check in until after I leave a place if I’m feeling stealthy. On the plus side, sometimes checking in brings your beer friends to the bar ….


Now that’s a pretty hot post subject for a story that boils down to “location tracking app tracks location.” The source article was literally just an instruction manual on how to use Untappd.

Also, why is Untappd specifically being put on blast? The article even says it’s built on Foursquare’s API, a tracking application that has an identical purpose with an even wider scope than Untappd. I’d think that would be the focus of this non-story.


Because we are in COVID-19 lockdown and people are suddenly drinking more at home and there isn’t much else to write about. Possibly a drunk analyst sat down after booking his/her latest beer and wondered about the information and had a trawl to see what they could find…

This is no different to the running app a couple of years back or dozens of others, but drinking is socially accepted and a lot of people use the app to record what they drank and where. It just shows that some people are careless with their data, whilst others, like @MaryJo know the risks and find they are not enough to outweigh the benefits.

Why a spy or someone who wants to protect their identity would use any such app is beyond me.

But it it true, the same can be said of Instagram, Facebook and a bunch of other social application that tracks your location when you are out and about and post. Do the users strip the metadata from their photos when they load them into these services? Probably a majority don’t, so the camera model (or smartphone) and the location information is probably also uploaded.