Pocket Casts playback issues after update?

On Android…Pocket Casts updated this morning to 7.17.0 and it now won’t play video podcasts reliably. Keeps aborting the playback and returning you to the home screen :thinking: TWIT played fine before the update, AAA won’t play today.

Anyone else getting the same?

It started randomly crashing the widget and the lock screen controls a week or so ago. Looks like they are going through a rough patch.

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Seems to have settled down now. Got through AAA eventually, some audio podcasts seem fine, MBW now playing with no issues. Maybe the AAA download was glitchy. Or their back-end was having issues.

Downcasts is pretty good.

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Did you guys update Webview last week? There was an update pushed to it to fix an issue with it that caused apps to randomly crash.

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Yeah, I had the webview bug on this tablet, all patched now so not that. I’ve just taken Pocket Casts out of Android’s battery optimisation, see if that helps.

I’m still struggling with playback on Pocket Casts :-1:t2: I noticed this error this morning? Given up on MBW for now, Pocket Casts is crashing every few minutes.

Might be something on your end. It worked on my end.

Possibly a Samsung thing, both my tablet and phone do it. When the app eventually crashes it’s with a Java out of memory error. I’ve done all the usual reboot/redownload the episode/delete data/cache/reinstall the app etc.

Only MBW though. AAA, TWIG, HOT, various other audio podcasts all working fine :thinking:

Update…not a Samsung thing - does it on my Pixel 3a too :rage:

Did you update webview a couple of weeks ago?

Yeah, I have the fixed version of webview (89.0.4389.105). That’s the first thing Russell from Pocket Casts asked :slightly_smiling_face: